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At St. Stephens we recognise that many people with a learning disability are able and want to lead active fulfilling lives. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the right support so ones full potential can be reached within a family orientated, caring environment with nursing care available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

St. Stephens Care Home - Building
St. Stephens Care Home - Dover Castle
St. Stephens Care Home - Bedroom
St. Stephens Care Home - Quiet Room
St. Stephens Care Home - Dining Room
St. Stephens Nursing Home - Cat (Minstrel)
St. Stephens Care Home - Garden
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  • Wi-Fi
  • Visitor Parking
  • Ensuite Rooms Available
  • Home Cooked Food
  • Nurse Call System
  • Garden
  • Hoists
  • Lift
  • Maintenance Team
  • Private Transport Vehicle
  • Lounge
  • Dining Room
  • Planting Area
  • Laundry Facilities

Types of Care

  • High Level Learning Disability Care
  • Continuing Care
  • Respite Care

About St. Stephens Nursing Home

St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover is a sympathetically converted property in a residential area that specialises in the care of those with learning or physical disabilities. Close to public transport and local amenities, it is conveniently located for family and friends who wish to visit on a regular basis and is lovingly maintained. The beautifully appointed rooms are spacious, tastefully furnished and some enjoy spectacular views over nearby Dover Castle.


We value our residents and recognise that they are individuals who deserve high-quality care that is tailored to meet their specific needs. We aim to support them in a community setting and encourage them to make choices for themselves on a daily basis. Encouragement is given in all respects of daily living, including opportunities to sing with visiting entertainers, cooking experiences, and trips to local areas. We strive to ensure that every resident is treated with dignity and respect at all times, whilst providing them with all the extra support they may need.

St Stephens is able to provide specialised support for people with mild, moderate and severe learning or physical disabilities and more complex needs such as:

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Down Syndrome
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Severe Hearing Impaired
  • Compounding Mental Health Needs.

When it is required, staff at St. Stephens can access support from the local learning disability team, community matrons team, intermediate care team, occupational and physiotherapy team, hospice team, dieticians, speech and language therapists and the respiratory team. In short, any specialist support that is needed can be accessed locally to ensure our residents get the care and support they need.


The care team at St Stephens Nursing Home in Dover is comprised of dedicated and experienced professionals who have undergone extensive training in order to equip them with the skills they need to take care of our residents. Regular training is provided to ensure that all staff are informed and up to date with their practices.


St Stephens Nursing Home in Dover features generous-sized rooms for residents, which are equipped with a nurse call system. There is a mix of en suite rooms and rooms with access to shared bathrooms facilities, which are equipped with hoists and all other equipment needed to provide a safe environment for our residents. A separate lounge and dining room enable residents to socialise at mealtimes and to relax and enjoy a bit of company at any time of day. A lift has been fitted for the use of residents who cannot manage the stairs.

There is a spacious garden with raised flower beds, a sheltered pagoda and wheelchair-accessible pathways, so that all our residents can enjoy the outside space.

St. Stephens has its own private vehicle, which is used for outings and hospital appointments etc. when required.

Food & Drink

Every resident at St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover is provided with 3 nutritionally-balanced meals a day, as well as tasty snacks and drink refreshment outside of mealtimes. At every meal there is a choice of dishes, all of which are homemade and freshly prepared, using local produce where possible. We have a seasonal menu that changes every 4 weeks and we offer alternatives choices to residents with special dietary requirements. Our menu's may vary slightly depending on the client's needs/likes. Please feel free to take a look at our Example Menu.


View More Testimonials
By Carol H (Mother of Resident) 30/03/2022, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

My son has been a resident for a year. When I first visited the home, I was very impressed by the ‘homely’ feel of the house and how happy the other residents were. After that visit, my family and I were unanimous that St Stephen’s would be the best home for my son. My son has settled very well and is very receptive to the nursing staff attending to his many needs, which are comforting for the family. I am very impressed by the communication by the manager and staff, where nothing is too much trouble as he needs 1:1 care. I would not hesitate in recommending St Stephen’s for outstanding care in a friendly and homely environment.

By Tony C (Brother of Resident) 21/03/2022, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

My brother has been a resident at St Stephen's for over 6-months, and I could not be happier with the care given. From our first visit, we could see that the staff were providing more than just care, they were building relationships, there was laughter and a general upbeat feel. We were very impressed with the manager, who, we could tell, was always looking for ways to improve the lives of residents while providing top-level care. She is not a manager who sits in her office all day! My brother recently had to be admitted to A&E, where we spent 6-hours with one of the nursing assistants from St Stephen's. We had plenty of time to talk, and I was so impressed with everything I heard. There was genuine concern and a desire to put the needs of my brother first. From that conversation and from the actions of all at St Stephen's, I know my brother is in the best hands. Care information is always shared, and there is always a cheery welcome when I visit. Thank you all.

By Lee P (Friend of Resident ) 04/03/2022, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

Everyone at St Stephen's is proud of the work they do and work together to give consistent support to the residents living there. I always receive a friendly welcome, both in person and via telephone. I'm kept informed and feel included in the plan of support/care for my friend. Everyone takes an interest in the people they support and naturally create a family/caring atmosphere whilst maintaining a professional, secure environment. I feel relieved to have found such a great home and am confident that my friend is receiving the best possible care.

By Sarah W (Sister of Resident) 07/07/2020, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the care and consideration shown to my sister by all staff. For the entire duration of her residency. I thoroughly and wholeheartedly would recommend her care home to anyone requiring assistance for themselves or a relative.

By J C (Relative of Resident) 06/07/2020, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

Although it has been many weeks since we have been able to visit my sister - due to Coronavirus - we always get a good response when phoning St Stephen's and we feel confident she is being well looked after.

By Paul C (Brother of Resident) 05/07/2020, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

My brother, who is a wheelchair user, is looked after very well in this care home. No negative comments about the home. Very well-staffed, good food, accommodation excellent. Would recommend as a complete home for all needs.

By L B (Relative of Resident) 05/07/2020, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

St Stephen's has a family atmosphere and is always running activities that enrich the lives of their residents. I am kept well informed of my sister's needs and well-being. She is always happy when we speak, telling me of her involvement in cooking and other activities. The photograph displays also promote how much is given to these special people. I feel safe and reassured that St Stephen's is the place for my sister to be living.

By Caroline B (Sister of Resident) 06/03/2020, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

My brother has been a resident of St Stephen's for several years. His needs have changed a great deal since he first arrived. He has always been looked after well and treated kindly and thoughtfully.

By Sue S (Sister of Resident) 24/01/2020, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

My sister has now been at St Stephen's for over seven years. The last few months, I have noticed a change in her, needing far more care, noticeably more on my recent visit.The staff are brilliant with her, as she now needs hoisting, which is done with dignity and great care. Her food is now puréed, but all elements of the meal are kept separate so still looks appetising. The manager and all her staff are very professional, approachable and I cannot recommend St Stephen's highly enough. I know my sister is safe and happy, and that if there was a problem, I would be informed.

By Tony H (Brother of Resident) 23/01/2020, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

I have always been impressed by the care and consideration shown by the staff at St Stephen's both to my sister and the other residents whenever I have visited. The happy and contented; atmosphere speaks volumes, and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

By J.C (Brother of Resident) 09/07/2018, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

Having to relocate my sister was a huge challenge but one made easier once St Stephen's had been visited. She settled in much quicker than anticipated and is happy which I feel is mainly due to the care and attention given to her by the staff and management.

By Muriel M (Sister of Resident) 26/04/2018, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

My late brother was in care at St Stephen's for 4 years and although his first year he found difficult, after that until his death on April 19th 2017, he was very happy. The home was filled with love and happiness and it showed. The carers did more than their jobs worth with everything they did. Not only did the residents get a hug, so did we as relatives on arrival, it was and still is lovely, as I still go down to see some of the residents and they are all so very happy and loved. It's a 70 mile round trip for me but I still want to do it, because it's worth it.

By R T (Friend of Resident) 24/04/2018, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

I have been visiting for more than three years, first as a friend of a person previously living there. I have never been in a more friendly and welcoming home. Since visiting the first time as a friend of a brother of one of the inhabitants. I have, unofficially, become 'Grandma' of another inhabitant. Whatever time of day or day of the week we visit, conditions are always the same - friendly, welcoming and everyone in a happy contented state!

By C C (Sister-in-Law of Resident) 23/03/2018, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

The home is beautifully kept! Very clean. The food is very good. Residents all seem happy, with the staff and each other. Staff seem to enjoy working in the home.

By Sue S (Sister of Resident) 03/03/2018, St. Stephens Nursing Home in Dover

My sister has been a resident at St Stephen's for over 5 years, and during that time she has been extremely well cared for. Sadly over the last few months, her mobility has deteriorated. She now needs to be hoisted, as she gets very worried about standing. The staff are wonderful with her, very patient, considerate, and respect her dignity. It is a great relief to know that her needs are being met so well. St Stephens had a new manager last year which is always a worry. The new manager is wonderful with the residents and staff and carrying on in the same vein as the previous one who was really lovely. The meals and entertainment provided are first rate and I would have no hesitation in recommending St Stephen's Nursing Home.

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