Park View Care Home
Care Home in Medway, Kent


The project to build Park View began in 2010 alongside the renovation of Charing House to provide an independent care home to care for a total of 44 residents living with dementia.

Park View Care Home Medway - Front
Park View Care Home Medway - Frontage
Park View Care Home Medway - Sitting Room
Park View Care Home Medway - Social Room
Park View Care Home Medway - Dining Room
Park View Care Home Medway - Pink Corridor
Park View Care Home Medway - Corridor
Park View Care Home Medway - Bedroom
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  • Wi-Fi
  • Visitor Parking
  • Ensuite Rooms
  • Home Cooked Food
  • Care Call System
  • Garden
  • Hoists
  • Lift
  • Maintenance Team
  • Access to Gillingham Park
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Hair Dressing Salon
  • Library/Quiet Room
  • Lounge
  • Dining Room
  • Planting Area
  • CCTV
  • Laundry Facilities

Types of Care

  • Residential Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Respite Care

About Park View Care Home

Park View Care Home in Medway has been purpose-built within the grounds of the former Municipal Buildings, Canterbury Street, complementing Charing House. It has been tastefully built as a care home to an extremely high specification. The Home stands in its own grounds and has the added benefit of being adjacent to Gillingham Park. There is a good bus service with a bus stop immediately outside the home and less than a mile away is the train station, with a variety of shops just a 5-minute walk away.


We believe that coming into a care home should be as smooth a transition as possible and we aim to provide our residents with a home-from-home experience. With this aim in mind, we encourage residents to bring in items to personalise their rooms whether is be pictures or furniture and we would consider whether or not residents can bring in their pets from home on a case-by-case basis (at the discretion of the manager who will complete a risk assessment for each case). Our care team are focused on providing the highest standard of care possible and treating residents with the utmost respect at all times. We try to help each resident remain as independent as possible, whilst ensuring they are never put at any risk.


Every carer on our team has undergone comprehensive training in first aid, hygiene and infection control, moving & handling, fire awareness and dementia, as well as covering several other training courses. The extensive training that each member of staff receives is designed to equip them with the skills they need to look after all of our residents at Park View Care Home in Medway.


There is a passenger lift to all floors in both buildings, for those who are unable to manage stairs, and all rooms are wheelchair accessible. Most of the bathrooms have a static bath or shower tray, and plenty of room for lifting aids if required. Every room has a care call system fitted, and many rooms also have pressure mats that are linked to the care call system. Additionally, all rooms have a TV aerial point, along with a suite of furniture that includes a lockable unit where valuables can be stored. The home also benefits from having a lovely outdoor garden area, with raised flower beds should residents with to plant.

Food & Drink

Our residents are served 3 meals a day, along with a range of snacks and drinks outside of normal mealtimes. We operate a seasonal menu on a 4-week cycle, which is designed to provide residents with a choice of dishes at each meal, all of which are homemade and freshly prepared. The menu is designed to provide residents with a nutritionally-balanced diet that promotes physical well-being. Alternative dishes may be offered to residents with special dietary requirements. Our menu's may vary slightly depending on the client's needs/likes. Please feel free to take a look at our Example Menu.

Park View Suites

Park View Suites is a separate building, but still linked to Park View, which is also on the grounds of the former Municipal Building. Park View Suites contains 8 Bedsits: 4 out of the 8 apartments are double rooms for couples or those wishing to share and the other 4 are large single rooms. It has its own communal kitchenette/dining area where clients may choose to eat and a communal lounge for relaxation and socialising purposes.


View More Testimonials
By G B (Son of Resident) 23/02/2023, Park View Care Home in Medway

Park View Care Home has provided incredible, compassionate care towards my mother, the staff really do go the extra mile. I have every confidence in the staff from the carers, housekeepers and management that when I leave from seeing her that she is in safe hands. Her room is nicely decorated and well-furnished with other facilities within the care home being kept and maintained to a good modern standard. I would highly recommend Park View.

By R H (Daughter of Resident) 04/01/2023, Park View Care Home in Medway

All things considered, I am very happy with the care my mum is getting at Park View care home. It's never an easy thing when a loved one has to go into care, however during my mum's time at Park View, I have found the staff to be honest and exceptionally caring towards my mum. When I visit her, Park View has always been clean and tidy and the food served at meal times looks appetising.

By C W (Son of Resident) 08/11/2022, Park View Care Home in Medway

From the start of my search for looking for a care home for my dad, I have never regretted choosing Park View care home. They have been professional at all times, viewing the home was straightforward, any questions I had were answered and it is clear that the care and wellbeing of the residents is their number one priority as when I visit my dad from his appearance alone can tell he is being well cared for. The food is good with Park View doing its best to accommodate my dad's likes and have always found Park View to be clean.

By P S (Daughter of Resident) 26/08/2022, Park View Care Home in Medway

Park View is a beautiful care home. The staff make it a fantastic place with every one of them being kind and compassionate. They treat My father and the other residents with respect at all times and are always on hand when needed. The home manager is professional and approachable, should I have any questions about my fathers care I’d have no problem speaking to her about it. The food is pleasant and the home is kept clean and tidy throughout. Thank you all for the great work you do.

By T F (Son of Resident) 21/03/2022, Park View Care Home in Medway

I can’t applaud the management and staff at Park View care home enough for the work they do. They have been looking after my dad for some time now and I can safely say they have been doing a superb job caring for him. They have treated him with dignity and respect and whenever I visit him he’s well presented and they encourage him to partake in activities to keep active. If ever I have any questions about my dad the manager is always at the end of the phone to speak to me. Thank you all for the work you do.

By Stephen L (Son of Resident) 17/01/2022, Park View Care Home in Medway

My mother receives a very high standard of care at Park View Care Home with the staff being very committed and providing very person-centred care. Her room is bright, spacious and well furnished. The food is lovely with there being a choice of meals to choose from and the manager is very approachable and helpful with any questions I have about my mother care.

By BP (Son of Resident) 15/11/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

My mum has settled in very well at Park View, every member of staff I’ve met has been kind and professional with nothing ever being too much trouble. The service they deliver is fantastic with there being good food, a clean environment and lovely facilities. I’d have no hesitation recommending Park View to anyone who is looking for a care home for a loved one.

By Louise R (Daughter of Resident) 06/10/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

The staff have been excellent looking after mum. They are friendly, caring and a lot of the staff have been there a long time so know my mum and the residents very well. The staff who do activities and entertainment are dedicated and enthusiastic with there always being something going on at Park View. My mum likes the food and her room is very pleasant.

By Anne C (Daughter-in-Law) 27/05/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

Mum joined the care home in December 2020. Since this day the care she has received has been outstanding. Every single member of the Park View Care Home takes time to acknowledge you when you visit and demonstrate their care, respect and total understanding of mum when we see them with her. We are looking forward to the day when we can go inside the home as sadly Mum entered when the Covid lockdown was in place. We have been kept fully informed of her well-being and the team are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns we have. Arrangements for visiting are clear and are organised in a way that ensures Mum and everyone else is safe. Thank you to the manager for your outstanding professionalism and to all the team for the outstanding care they give.

By Gillian M (Daughter-in-Law) 12/05/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

My mother-in-law has been a resident for nearly six months and I have nothing but praise for this home. She is so happy there and nothing is too much trouble for the staff. The managers are always there for advice and help. Thanks to everyone at Park View.

By Susan E (Daughter of Resident) 05/04/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

From day one, mother was made to feel welcome and we were made aware that we could contact them at any time to discuss any concerns. Mother is now well settled and happy and we now have no concerns about her well-being. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we haven’t been able to visit for some months, but we have been kept up-to-date on how mother is doing and recently enjoyed a video chat with her. We look forward to visiting when we are able, not only to see mother but also to personally thank everyone for their commitment to keeping everyone safe and well cared for.

By Karen S (Daughter of Resident) 05/04/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

My mother in law has been living at Park View for almost two years. I am extremely happy with every aspect of care. The staff are always kind and supportive. They have all gone over and above in these last 12 months and I am extremely grateful to every one of them. I receive weekly updates from the home which has been of great comfort too.

By Dean C (Son of Resident) 22/03/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

The team at Park View have been amazing in these very difficult circumstances, they have kept us informed about Mum and when we call they answer any questions we have. When possible they have arranged window visits and we look forward to actually meeting the team, without masks in the very near future! Well done to the manager and the rest of the care home team.

By Patrick H (Son of Resident) 16/03/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

When I speak to my Mum on skype she seems happy and we’ll looked after. The manager is always available to chat and informs me about how my mum is getting on. I’d prefer to visit her in person however due to the current pandemic I haven’t been able to. I can’t express my gratitude enough to the staff at Park View for the over and above work they do and for their commitment during this pandemic in keeping my mum and everyone else safe and look forward that in the near future visiting the home personally to thank the staff personally for all they have done.

By D F (Son of Resident) 08/02/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

I feel very fortunate to have my Dad at Park View. It is a lovely home with incredible staff. The kindness, patience and care shown by the staff are so commendable. Since day one of my Dad being there, Park View have filled me with confidence in the knowledge he is being so well cared for. My Dad benefits and enjoys the daily activities that the activities staff arrange and I've always found the home to be warm, clean and tidy.

By Jeremy P (Son of Resident) 08/01/2021, Park View Care Home in Medway

I am happy with the level of care my Dad is getting. Since he moved into Park View the staff have looked after him incredibly well and have kept me informed on how he is doing every step of the way and have been amazing throughout this pandemic. My Dad enjoys the food served and his room is nice. I am truly grateful to them for the work they do.

By Andrew N (Son of Resident) 15/12/2020, Park View Care Home in Medway

Park View Care Home is an amazing place where the manager and her staff go above and beyond to look after people. They have provided great care to my mum making sure she is safe and happy during these uncertain times. When I have visited I found everyone very welcoming and my mum and the other residents treated with dignity. The home is clean, food tasty and the entertainment and activities are enjoyed by those taking part. I can’t express my gratitude enough for the work they do. Thank you all.

By T S (Daughter of Resident) 27/10/2020, Park View Care Home in Medway

Park View’s staff have all been truly wonderful and caring to my Mum. All of the staff have shown great respect, care, kindness and love towards her. Not only do they show their care for residents, but they have also been very supportive of me and my family. The atmosphere of the home is pleasant, calm and it has an inviting feel. The home is kept spotlessly clean and the garden is beautifully kept.

By Noreen M (Daughter of Resident) 30/07/2020, Park View Care Home in Medway

My dad spent the last 3 years of his life here, the care he got was second to none, dad felt loved and safe, the staff are lovely. My sisters and I looked on the staff as extended family, we will be eternally grateful to each and every one of them that cared for our dad. Thank you.

By Olga W (Daughter of Resident ) 26/02/2020, Park View Care Home in Medway

My mum has been in Park View over 7 years now. She's been well cared for, clean, fed and loved. I am so glad I made the choice. She is now nearing the end of her life and the care she is getting is second to none. I can't praise the girls at Park View enough. Thank you.

By Sonia S (Niece of Resident) 06/02/2020, Park View Care Home in Medway

My uncle has been a resident for about 6 months. He has always been a very private man but all the staff have helped him to settle in. He now willingly lets them assist him with all his daily needs, shaving, showering etc. He is now always dressed in clean clothes, this did not happen when he was at home. I have seen him laugh and smile more now than ever before as the staff have a fantastic repour with him. The activities lady has found a skill he had forgotten he had and now spends many hours with pencils in his hand. This lady works so hard helping everyone. All staff are very approachable.

By J H (Niece of Resident) 05/02/2020, Park View Care Home in Medway

My uncle went to Park View July 2019. He had led a very quiet life and found living with so many people difficult. Everyone has helped him to adjust to his new life. When I visit I have seen all the carers treating the residents as though they are family members, chatting to them, holding their hands, showing them affection in a caring way. All of which the residents seem to appreciate. Truly a home from home.

By Deirdre P (Daughter of Resident) 10/05/2019, Park View Care Home in Medway

My mother has been a resident in this care home for 6 years and I have seen much improvement especially in the last two years. She is a dementia patient and as a result not always easy to manage. The staff are all lovely and I can see they like and respect her and give her the care that she needs. The food is very well cooked and very enticing although I have not yet taken up the offer to eat with my mother. She is always clean, well presented and dressed in her own clothes. Well done Park View and all your staff.

By Margaret T (Daughter of Resident) 07/03/2019, Park View Care Home in Medway

Very good care home, professionally run. Staff very caring. Great activities.

By Freddy (Son of Resident) 26/02/2019, Park View Care Home in Medway

The staff at Park View are kind, caring, patient and nothing is ever too much trouble and there is a secure and spacious garden where residents can go outside. It gives me peace of mind knowing my loved one is in such a caring environment.

By D P (Son of Resident) 11/02/2019, Park View Care Home in Medway

a very well run, clean and professional operation with very, very caring staff who are very friendly and professional in their dealings with both residents and families. I cannot fault the staff and care home in any areas of care, facilities, services and staff, well done all!!

By Lesley A (Daughter of Resident) 06/02/2019, Park View Care Home in Medway

I would highly recommend this home. Dad wasn't being cared for properly at his old home. We moved him here in June 2018 and he is so much happier, can see the difference in him. Always clean clothes, always cleaned. Hair cut and the staff are so lovely and friendly, always ring if a problem or need to ask questions. I am happy Dad is in this home and is so happy here loved by all the staff. I feel I can trust them no matter what.

By M W (Nephew of Resident) 19/07/2017, Park View Care Home in Medway

My aunt has been a resident since July 2014. She went there with my mother who has since passed away. I have nothing but praise for Park view. Everything is clean, staff are friendly and very efficient and food is very good.

By L F (Daughter of Resident) 11/07/2017, Park View Care Home in Medway

All the staff at Park View have made my dad feel happy and safe. They all have made us feel happy and they care for dad wonderfully. Nothing but praise for all their hard work.

By Ruth B (Daughter of Resident) 29/06/2017, Park View Care Home in Medway

Since the new manager has taken over the management of Park View Care Home, she has brought in new and fresh ideas. Any outstanding maintenance issues I raised with her, were dealt with by the next day. The staff are a happy bunch and very professional in their care of dementia patients.The home is clean and tidy with a good risk assessment in place, my mother is very contented, happy and well cared for. I can highly recommend Park View Care Home.

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