Making The Right Choice

Information to enable you to make informed decisions in your search for a care home.

Our Aims & Objectives

We aim to provide a home from home environment with appropriate care and support from a well trained staff team to enable you to continue living your life in a safe and happy home 24 hours a day for as long as you need to.

We will ensure that we work with you and your family, friends, advocates and other professionals involved in your life in gathering all the information we need to make sure we can meet your needs.

We will build your Plan of care or Support Plan to reflect the information gathered so that everyone who needs to know can support you in your care needs as an individual.

We will strive to meet the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 by:

  • conducting regular reviews and close monitoring of our services
  • welcoming complaints and compliments
  • listening to your views
  • acting on your views and comments in a timely fashion

We want our residents and their families to be reassured that they are in a "Home for Life" but only where we can demonstrate that we can continue to meet that individuals needs.

Where an increase in needs is such that we cannot realistically and safely continue caring for an individual we will ensure that all the appropriate professionals are involved, we will support that resident and their family in finding alternative accommodation.

Further Questions & Answers

Information is essential to enable us to make informed decisions. In 1998 the Office of Fair Trading surveyed nearly 1000 residents of care homes, they found that fewer than 1 in 4 had received, or remembered receiving, any written information about the home before they moved in. Leaving your home and its familiar surroundings to move into a care home is a big step. It is therefore important that you look at all the choices that you have available to you first and find one that suits your needs before you make a decision.

The questions and answers under the categories below aim to help you make an informed decision about which care home to choose. The answers below are applicable to all Charing Healthcare homes.

Q: How much furniture or personal possessions can I bring with me?
A: It is your personal choice, we will provide bedroom furniture and would encourage you to bring in any smaller items to personalise your room, like photographs, pictures, clock, soft furnishings and nic naks. If you wish to bring in a larger item please discuss this with the manager.

Q: Can I bring any pets?
A: We are more than happy to consider you bringing your pet into your new home but the manager would need to assess the situation taking into account a number of other factors.

Q: Are Bedrooms single or shared?
A: Throughout all our homes a minimum of 95% of rooms are single, our shared rooms may be suitable for couples or friends who wish to share, there is a partition curtain to respect privacy and dignity in these rooms.

Q: Are there any en-suite w.c's?
A: A majority of our rooms have en-suite facilities, there are some rooms due to the nature of the building and layout we could not incorporate an en-suite facility, but all rooms have a vanity unit. For rooms with no en-suite, toilets are easily located within a short walk from all bedrooms and communal rooms.

Q: Can I lock my room?
A: Yes, everyone has the right to have a lock on his or her door.

Q: Can I have a telephone installed?
A: Any resident can have a phone installed, this will be the responsibility of the resident and all bills must be sent to them direct or to a relative. We will be happy to make arrangements for the installation of a phone should you wish to have one in your room.

Q: Do staff knock before entering my room?
A: Our staff respect the residents privacy at all times by knocking before they enter any residents room.

Q: Can meals be taken in my room?
A: Yes, it is possible for residents to eat their meals in their rooms if they wish, however, we do encourage residents to join in for lunch and dinner.

Q: What can you tell me about your bedrooms?
A: All our bedrooms are tastefully decorated with full matching furniture and carpeted, a nurse-call conveniently located, heating can be adjusted in your room, all windows open to a safe point and a television point; should you have any other requirements we would be happy to accommodate, if possible.

Q: Are there different sitting areas including quiet rooms?
Q: Is there a separate dining room?

Q: Are there smoking and non-smoking ares?
Q: Is there easy access for frames or wheelchairs to get to communal areas?

Q: Is there a lift?
A: All our homes have a number of day rooms and a private room for residents who may wish to spend time with their families but not in their bedroom. All homes have separate dining, T.V and quiet rooms, All our homes have a no smoking policy inside the building, but residents and families are welcome to smoke in the designated area, all homes have a lift and corridors / walkways have easy access to wheelchairs and frames and corridors all have handrails.

Q: Are meals nutritious?
Q: Is the menu varied and interesting?
Q: Are the residents involved in planning the menu?
Q: Can they cater for me if I have a special diet?
Q: Is there a choice of meals provided?
A: Our meals are varied and nutritious, the menus change frequently and choices are available for vegetarian, diabetic residents or any other dietary requirements. Wherever possible, we take time with our residents to find out what they like, what they would like to see on the menu in the future and if they are happy with the choices they are given.

Q: Can I have a guest eat with me?
We would happily accommodate relatives or friends at meal times, but would ask you to inform us in advance so that arrangements can be made.

Q: Before I move into the home, can I go there for a meal to see what it is like?
This is something that we would recommend; it enables you to get to know the staff and other residents.

Q: Are there any organised leisure activities or outings?
A: Yes, leisure activities take place within our homes. Our homes often have outside entertainment such as singer’s etc. come in and perform and outings are arranged.

Q: Can I carry on doing the activities that I currently do?
A: Our homes enjoy many trips out, depending the location of the home, we have trips to the seaside, theatre, themed lunches with a sing-a-long and many more. Where possible we would encourage residents to carry on with activities that they enjoy, we also have constant organised in-house activities. All our homes have gardens which are constantly maintained for the benefit of the residents and should they wish to do some planting of their own we have no objection to this, and if cooking is your desire you are welcomed to help prepare meals. This would be subject to the home manager being satisfied its safe for all.

Q: Does the home celebrate days or festivals that are important to me?
A: We enjoy celebrations of any kind, christmas, new year, easter and especially residents birthdays. If you have a personal reason to celebrate, please tell us and we will be more than happy to celebrate with you.

Q: What are visiting hours of the home?
A: All our homes hold an open door policy and welcome visitors at any time, however, should your relative or friend wish to visit very late at night, it would be helpful if a member of senior staff was informed during the day as all night staff are not familiar with the residents families or friends.

Q: Do the spiritual pastors of any religions visit?
A: We can arrange for a pastor from most dominations to visit the home should you wish.

Q: Are there enough staff?
A: We always run within the expected guidelines of staffing levels, we always aim to have extra staff on hand to cover for sickness and holidays; as a company policy we believe it pays nobody to be understaffed.

Q: Does the staff have time to sit and chat to the residents?
A: Yes, this is a big part of our staffs' duty, which is enjoyed by the residents and staff.

Q: Do the staff take any interest in the resident, their past, their family, their interests, their likes and dislikes?
A: Care plans are devised to do just this, with the help of the resident and family when a resident joins us; this gives staff the basis to form a good relationship with the resident and an opening to find out more about each other.

Q: What training is available to staff?
A: Staff have access to a verity of training courses to ensure they are able provide good care. Some of these training courses are: Fire Awareness, First Aid, Diabetes, Infection Control, Food Hygiene etc.

Q: Are the staff trained in handling techniques?
A: Yes, all our staff go through Moving and Handling training.

Q: Do they have any formal qualifications?
A: Our extensive training program ensures that staff are trained and have every option available to them to educate themselves, many of our care staff are qualified to NVQ 2, 3 and 4 levels. From January 2011 we will support and guide our un qualified staff in undertaking the new HSC Diploma courses at differing levels. All our staff receive some form of qualification including kitchen staff, whether its first aid or food and hygiene diploma, the company has on-going training programme's in all homes.

Q: Do staff handle bathing, incontinence and give medicine in a sensitive way?
A: Our staff are highly trained in all aspects of personal care and respect the residents rights to privacy.

Q: Can I get up and go to bed when I like?
A: The simple answer is yes. We want you to do as you would have done in your own home.

Q: Can choices be made about when residents take a bath?
A: We would accommodate each residents preferences.

Q: Can I keep my own doctor?
A: Yes, whenever this is possible.

Q: Is there a waiting list or a current vacancy?
A: As this changes please ask for the latest information on the home you are interested.

Q: Can I have a trial period?
A: Our residents are always offered a trial period.

Q: Will I be able to vote at elections?
A: Yes, this is always possible for residents that wish to vote.

Q: Will the home regularly look at my needs?
A: Each resident have their own Care plan which are regularly updated so that resident's needs are always being met.

Q: Is there a complaints procedure?
A: There is a complaints procedure and we encourage you to discuss any concerns you have with the manager of your home in the first instance.

Q: Is a contract offered to me?
A: A contract is always given to the resident or family member.

Q: Is the home well equipped?
A: All our homes are equipped with assisted baths, lifts and hoists.

Q: Does the home have outside professionals come in?
A: Yes, we have regular visits from the chiropodist, hairdresser, optician and when necessary a physiotherapist.

Q: Will you store personal valuables?
A: We cannot store personal valuables i.e jewellery, we can hold a small amount of cash for residents for personal expenditure if they wish.

Q: What do the fees include?
Q: How much are they?
A: Our fees include: meals, laundry, 24-hour care. Our room prices vary from home to home and the type of care you are looking for, whether it is for residential or nursing care, each home has its own room price and the home manager can help you with this. Fees are paid monthly in advance and they are reviewed once a year, the review will be based on inflation and the residents needs.

Should you require any further information please either contact the home manager or email Heather Viggers our Director of Care at

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